As a longtime writer, editor and journalist for print and digital media who can recall notions like journalism and print, I know how to make an idea sing. Or scream, or whisper, or simply fit—being a writer and an editor, brevity will always win. Journalism taught me to hone in on what an audience needs to know, and then turn it into The Big Thing they absolutely must know more about. Marketing and the fluid, fickle (let’s call it “flickle”) nature of social-media promotion disciplined me to get to the point expeditiously, as well as when not to use ornate terms like expeditiously. I never miss a deadline, and I’m also good with a rhyme.

Professional Experience

November 2015-March 2017
Alliance Health/UpWell.com (Digital healthcare website and wellness platform)
Marketing Copywriter

  • Wrote and edited website copy for AllianceHealth.com.
  • Wrote and edited copy and calls-to-action for launch of UpWell.com.
  • Created slogans for company billboard campaigns throughout Northern Utah.
  • Wrote, edited and/or proofed company-wide communications.
  • Edited CEO newsletters and statements for clarity and brevity.
  • Maintained a weekly blog highlighting new innovations in digital healthcare.

Through November 2015 | Salt Lake City, UT
Salt Lake City Weekly/CityWeekly.net (Weekly newspaper/news website)
Writer/Editor/Digital Media Manager

  • Wrote two or more weekly features; daily blogposts.
  • Edited and oversaw annual special-issue publications.
  • Proofread, fact-checked and copyedited print and online copy.
  • Edited pages and graphics with Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.
  • Maintained editorial CMS for CityWeekly.net, uploading and formatting for SEO.
  • Managed editorial social-media communications 24/7.

Currently | Salt Lake City, UT
TV Tan Podcast

  • Audio-engineering and cohosting weekly entertainment podcast.

Currently | Salt Lake City, UT
X96 Radio From Hell Show
Weekly Guest Personality

  • Reporting on television and other entertainment news.

Awards Received

  • Utah Society of Professional Journalists Newspaper Division A Headline Writing 1st place.
  • Utah Society of Professional Journalists 1st Place Lifestyle Feature.
  • City Weekly Best of Utah Readers’ Choice: Best Newspaper Columnist.