TV Tan 0415: The Devil’s Anus

New TV Tan Podcast episode available now on SpotifyApple PodcastsStitcherGoogle PodcastsYouTubeAmazon PodcastsTuneIn RadioAudible and your favorite podcast apps; RSS Spreaker: Bill Frost ( & X96 Radio From Hell) and Tommy Milagro ( talk tragedy (R.I.P. Nichelle Nichols, Pat Carroll, and Full Frontal), Clusterf**k: Woodstock ’99, Lightyear, Reservation Dogs, Mike Judge’s Beavis & Butt-Head, Prey, They/Them, Thirteen Lives, Resurrection, The Sandman, The Outlaws, Rasslin’ News, Better Call Saul, Deadpool on Disney+ (still dirty), more on the Dushkuverse (The Saint, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), The Umbrella Academy, and P-Valley. Drinking: Canned Raspberry Lemonade Vodka and Whiskey & Cola from OFFICIAL TV Tan sponsor Sugar House Distillery.


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