TV Tan 0327: Error 40-Fuckery Most Foul

TV Tan Logo LongNew TV Tan Podcast episode available now on SpotifyApple PodcastsStitcherGoogle PodcastsYouTubeTuneIn Radio and your favorite podcast apps; RSS SpreakerBill Frost ( & X96 Radio From Hell) and Tommy Milagro (sports desk mixologist) talk what’s on Peacock (Brave New World, Intelligence, Cleopatra In Space, The Office and Parks & Recreation; not the Olympics), 30 Rock: A One-Time Special, Into the Dark: The Current Occupant, Esther Povitsky: Hot For My Name, United Shades of America, The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, Rasslin’ News, Watch Harder: Palm Springs, The Old Guard, Perry Mason, Stargirl and The Spy. Drinking: Underground Mules made with Underground Herbal Spirit from OFFICIAL TV Tan sponsor Ogden’s Own Distillery.

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