TV Tan 0267: Dummy & Rummy

CC-logo [Converted]New TV Tan Podcast episode available now on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio and your favorite podcast apps; RSS Spreaker: Bill Frost ( & X96 Radio From Hell) and Tommy Milagro (not attending USC) talk Billions, Felicity Huffman & Lori Loughlin: Supermoms, RIP One Day at a Time, Shrill, Lorelei & Mrs. Maisel, Fox Fucked News, DC CW TV, the Breaking Bad movie?, Mama June: Crackhead, Ministry of Evil, Tricky Dick, Arrested Development: good riddance, American Gods: huh?, Rasslin’ News, Better Call Saul peeps on Veep and What to Watch Harder (Shrill, Deadly Class, Amy Schumer: Growing, The Village, Documentary Now!, Ministry of Evil, The Dirt, The OA, You’re the Worst, Into the Badlands, Corporate, Billions, Crashing, Broad City, The Other Two, Black Lightning and American Gods). Drinking: Rum & Cokes made with Rum from OFFICIAL TV Tan sponsor Outlaw Distillery.

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