TV Tan 0214: H-Lock & J-Wags

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New TV Tan Podcast episode available now on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, TuneIn Radio and your favorite podcast apps; RSS Spreaker: Bill Frost ( & X96 Radio From Hell) and Tommy Milagro (digging out of a snowdrift near you) talk the ‘Lympics, Corporate gets Season 2, no more Wayward Pines, The Purge TV series, Atlanta: Robbin’ Season, Murphy Brown 2.0 … why?, Survivor: Ghost Island, The Walking Dead, new Punisher castings, fuck Jeff Zuckerberg & CNN, Rasslin’ News, Heather Locklear fought the law (again), Yvette Nicole Brown finally gets a show, The Bachelor drinking game and What to Watch Harder (Good Girls, Shoot the Messenger, iZombie, UnReal, The Tick, Corporate, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Drunk History, Another Period, The Detour, Baskets, The Magicians, Altered Carbon, Last Week Tonight, Crashing, Ash vs. Evil Dead, DC CW TV, Black-ish, Grown-ish and Alone Together). Drinking: Rummy Bunnies made with Coffee Rum from OFFICIAL TV Tan sponsor Outlaw Distillery.


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